Taking care of Jar Fittonia

The Fittonia albivenis is our most prolific plant – you can quickly see new leaves developing inside your Jar. Perfect for those of us who like speedy results!

The Fittonia plant

In nature, Fittonia spreads like a carpet on the forest floor. Although the Jar limits its rapid spread, the Fittonia adapts well and puts its energy into upward growth instead. 


Condensation is part of the natural water cycle inside of the Jar and is a great indicator of how suitable the position of your Jar is. Ideally, one side of the Jar will be fogged up during the day. The plant will need about a week to acclimatise to a new spot.

If the Jar is completely foggy after 2 weeks, it is probably because the temperature in that spot changes often. Try moving the Jar somewhere with a more stable temperature.

If this does not do the trick, leave the Jar slightly open for a day or two to balance the humidity. Or open and lift off the top to wipe away the moisture with some clean paper towels.

Holes in leaves

Sometimes a leaf will have a small hole due to earlier damage. If the edges of the hole are not discoloured, it has healed well. If the hole has brown edges however, it can sometimes grow into a larger brown stain. In that case, simply remove the leaf to keep it from deteriorating further.

Hanging leaves that turn yellow

If a leaf starts to droop and turn yellow it has become weak or sick. It may start to decompose within a couple of weeks. Our advice is to remove sick leaves before they become mushy and difficult to handle. The sooner, the better!


Small insects can sometimes emerge from the soil. Little flies or spiders usually do not cause any harm. You can open the Jar and let them out if you want. 

Caterpillars, however, have a huge appetite and will damage the leaves. If you spot half-eaten leaves there, you should keep an eye on your Jar. Find and remove the caterpillar, and remove any damaged leaves to prevent disease.

Spilled soil on the glass

We do our best to prepare your Jar for the dangers transport poses to a fragile product. However, if your Jar has been jostled or shaken too much, soil can spill onto the glass. It would be a shame to let that spoil your view! This can easily be resolved by opening up the Jar and wiping the inside with some clean paper towels.