Pikaplant | automatic plant watering, inspired by nature
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Pikaplant Jar is the original airtight terrarium. These self-sustaining indoor plants recycle the resources inside their ecospheres to thrive. They water themselves, so you never need to.

The indoor plant pot that cares for baby plants. It waters your seedlings – not too much or too little, but just right.

Easy plant keeping
inspired by nature.

We create original products that make plant keeping so easy that anyone can do it. Because greener living is better living.

Even the biggest trees start life as a little seedling. Our baby plants are carefully selected, sustainably grown, and will flourish in Geo.

Pikaplant Tableau is a concept design of an automatic plant watering tray. It waters herbs and houseplants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended.

Pikaplant One is a vertical garden with a passive ebb-and-flow irrigation system. It automatically waters your plants using zero electricity. One mimics the natural wet-dry cycle of ground water, letting your plants determine how much water they drink.

Learn how to become an expert plant keeper.

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Given the right tools and knowledge, anybody can be a plant keeper. Learn more on The Plant Keep.

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10 billion. This is the number of trees we lose every year, harming people, animals, and the climate. Join us in growing more trees and get up to 30% off Geo.